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Clothes & Accessories / Service #1

Fashion is a multi billion dollar Industry. This is because garments, colour, shoes, accessories and even a piece of jewellery has the ability to change your mood instantly. I will show you how you can use and adapt your wardrobe to instantly uplift your mood every time.

For me it’s a killer pair or heels. I could have the worst day possible, as soon as I wear a pair or heels (even if i’m stuck in bed for days) I feel like anything is possible.

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Clothes & Accessories

What’s your Instant “FEEL GOOD” Item?

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Styling / Service #2

It only takes a few short seconds to form an opinion of someone. Which is why it is always important to make a good first impression, because you never get a second chance.

I will show you how to make a good impression to attract a date, get a promotion, improve personal and professional relationships, and much more.

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Do you know what people think of you when they first meet you? Would you like to find out?

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Grooming  / Service #5

Your grooming determines how good you look and how attractive you are to others.

Unfortunately the media portrays an unhealthy image of what is considered Good looking.


I did an experiment by giving a makeover to two people; one good look, and one average looking person (according to media standards). I made the “good looking” person look scruffy with bad hygiene, and put the “average looking” person in well fitted and tailored clothes with styled hair, groomed face and manicured nails. And sent then out into the world

The results: People were nicer to the well kept person.

You are all good looking. Good looks has nothing to do with what nature gave you. It’s all about how to make the most of what you’ve got.

I show you natural and inexpensive ways to enhance your grooming techniques to feel good looking all the time.

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How would you like to treated like a VIP most of the time?

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Nutrition / Service #3

What you eat play a big role on your health, your weight, your skin, hair and nail condition, your mood, energy, and more. As a qualified nutritional therapist I will show you how you can look younger, improve health, skin, mood, energy and much more.

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How would you like to defy your ageing process?

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Activity / Service #4

The amount you move, and how you move determines your shape, size, posture, as well as muscle and joint pain levels.

As someone who is always busy, I wanted to keep fit and healthy without spending hours in the gym and I wanted to enjoy it. I tried nearly every exercise program available.


Through a lot of trial and error I have learn the right amount of exercise to do, different types of activities for different personalities and lifestyle, understanding the body and learning that everyone is different, and some exercise programs work well for some, what for others it may not have the same effect.

One exercise program does not suit all. I will guide you in an activity plan that will suit your abilities and lifestyle.

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Is your exercise plan working for you? How would you like to find an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle, and work for your bodytype?

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The Jehan Mir mission is to show you how you can achieve success in all areas of your life through self care and appreciate. Hence the motto; Look good and feel good for successful.”

Jehan Mir is all about what I can do for you to look good, and feel good for YOUR successful. It’s an accumulation of all the services that I provide.


The idea of combining my services to help people to look good and feel good for successful came after starting my fashion business. I styled, designed and made couture garment for private clients. The end result was astounding; not only did they love the garment I made:

  1. Their mood was uplifting,
  2. They had more body confidence,
  3. They had more personal confidence,
  4. Their shape changed. One client was so surprised to see she had a waistline.
  5. Others received promotions and dates.

As a fashion designer, person stylist and couture seamstress for over 20 years. I have had  one-to-ones with hundreds of clients from all backgrounds, cultures, races, shape, size, and gender (some of which included royalty, VIP and celebrity clients). I noticed we all have one thing in common (weather we admit it or not).

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves.

Over the past 25 years (even before I started my business) I have studied and obsessed about fashion & styling, grooming, physical activity, health & nutrition and psychology because of my own desire to be the best version of myself.  As well as my desire to help others. I have experimented with everything I have learn and through a lot of trial and error I have created a guide to show you how you can be the best version of yourselves. To look good and feel good for success.

There is no greater reward for me than making someone feel good about themselves. I didn’t want this information to be only available to my private clients. I want this information to be accessible to everyone.

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